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The USA dating site for 'like minded' adults

S&M Dating in the USA is the dating site for the vanilla beginner to the more experienced S&M devotee

S&M Dating in the USA has members at all levels, find you ideal partner and at the S&M - BDSM commitment you want in a particular partner or lover

On our S&M - BDSM dating site in the USA you will find 'like-minded' members at all levels of experience.

It is not about 50 shades of grey, its about YOUR level of need regarding S&M or BDSM experience and pleasure with lovers in the UK





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On this S&M Dating site in the USA registration and basic membership is ALWAYS FREE. HOWEVER, free dating sites can attract the less than ideal member. Therefore, to encourage only serious members, certain parts of our dating site (private contact - person 2 person in the USA) we will ask that members upgrade to a full member.  Why? This will deter the less than serious members and also allows our full S&M members to contact other full members as a potential dating partner knowing that they have made the same commitment and are serious about the S&M dating scene in the USA, and finding a partner.

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